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Service Planning

Planning The Service

We offer this information to assist you in planning to commemorate the life of your loved one. It is important that you plan a tribute that will meet your individual needs and reflect your own personal beliefs.


This is a time for friends to share in your loss and a time to say goodbye to a loved one. Some things to consider:

I. Time — The time of visitation should be tailored to your individual time frame.

II. Memorial Folders

We supply memorial folders with each service. These folders contain both biographical and service information. You have the option to select your favorite poem or verse to be included inside. You also have the option of printing pictures as a part of the folder (additional charges may apply)

III. Memory Board

It is always important to remember times shared with a loved one. The Memory Board is one aid for family and friends to display favorite pictures, or other items, for their personal remembrance. You may also use our memorabilia tables to display pictures or personal items of importance.

IV. Background Music

Some people find background music to have a calming effect during visitation. You may use background music, if you so desire. This option is strictly a matter of preference. We have a selection of tapes for this purpose, or you may wish to use your own appropriate music.

Funeral Service

A funeral service is one where the body is present and offers a time to reflect, remember and honor the life of the individual. Some things to consider:

I. Location

The service may be held in our chapel, your church or any other appropriate facility.

II. Time

The time of service should also be tailored to your individual time frame. You may choose an appropriate daytime hour or an appropriate nighttime hour.

III. Music

We provide an organist / pianist for the service, if you wish, or you may choose your own musician(s). We also have a selection of recorded music you may use, or you may wish to bring your own personal tape, CD or have singers present.

IV. Officiant

Most people have traditionally used a minister for the service. You may also wish to choose a non-member of the clergy to present a eulogy or assist the minister.

V. The Casket

You have the opportunity to decide if the casket remains opened or is closed during the service and if the audience is to be directed past the casket afterward.

VI. Memorial Video Tribute

We offer the service of producing a memorial video tribute to your loved one, if you so desire. We use your pictures (15 to 30) and develop those into a video tribute with appropriate clips and set to music. All of this is done in house, so your pictures never leave the premises. Most often, this video is used at the conclusion of the service as a final tribute. It also can be used during visitation hours, if you prefer. You receive one complimentary copy of the DVD–additional copies are available for $ 20.00 each.

All Services Can Be Recorded On Audio or Video Tape for You

( Price depends upon your needs )

Services With Cremation

It may be your preference to choose cremation. You also have many options available when you choose cremation. You may wish to have visitation and/or a funeral service with the body present before the cremation, a memorial service afterward or any combination of these. It is important that you consider some type of service in order to provide closure for the family and friends.

We offer a full line of cremation products and services. If you would like to view different options for cremation services, please follow this link: Cremation Options

Memorial Contributions

Many people choose contributions to a charity, church or other organization as their expression of sympathy. You may wish to designate your preference of where these contributions are sent. Some commonly used organizations are listed on this page.

Needed Items and Information for Completing Arrangements and Death Notices
** At the appropriate time, we will notify the newspapers and radio stations for you. **

¨ Name and Address

¨ Social Security Number

¨ Date and Place of Birth

¨ Father’s Name

¨ Mother’s Maiden Name

¨ Church and/or Lodge Affiliations

¨ List of Survivors

¨ Clothing

¨ Picture (if you choose)

¨ Service Participants (such as minister, casket bearers, etc.)

¨ Military Service Information (discharge)

1. Use of a flag

2. military honors at cemetery

Graveside and Committal Services

Some choose to have services only at the graveside. We can provide recorded music for you at the cemetery, if you wish. You may also choose not to go to the cemetery, or to have private committal services with only the family present.

After the Service


Quite often there are a number of potted plants, silk arrangements and other keepsakes that are sent for the service. We will be happy to assist you in delivering these to a location of your choice, if needed.

Social Security

We will notify the Social Security Administration for you. The SSA will then contact you by telephone to help you in making claim for any benefits that may be available.

Veteran’s Administration

We will be happy to assist you in filing claim forms with the VA for burial benefits and applications for grave markers.

Death Certificates

Copies of death certificates are issued by Vital Statistics in Frankfort. We will be glad to order any copies that you may need. The cost of certified copies is $6.00 per copy.

We, the staff, offer you our most sincere sympathy in your time of grief. It is our purpose to give thoughtful service in an attempt to lighten your burden. We sincerely hope that our service will be deserving of the trust you place in us.

Should you need to contact us, feel free to call at any time.

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