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Derek Adam Byrd

Derek Byrd

November 16, 1977     ~     February 6, 2011

Derek Adam Byrd, 33, died suddenly Sunday, February 6, 2011, in Bristol, CT. He was the son of Ann Stilts and the late Fred Stilts and Bobby and Lorri Byrd all of Glasgow. Derek was a 1996 graduate of Glasgow High School and graduated February 9, 2001, from Full Sail Real World Education in Winter Park, FL, with an Associate Degree of Science in Film and Video Production. Derek was employed with ESPN Sports in Bristol, CT.

He is also survived by a sister, Kacie Rogers and husband, David, of Glasgow; a very special nephew, Trenton Shipp; by several aunts, uncles, cousins, and so many very close friends: Amy and Tim Buss, Jason Renfro, Kelly and Robin Wilson, David High, Jeremy Akers, Joe and Sarah Moore, Nathan Wilburn, John Foster, Kim Swarts, Annette ARmer, Aaron Sneegas, and Craig Perkins; a very special family, Judy and Tommy High. Derek also leaves behind many close friends in Bristol at ESPN Sports. Derek was loved by so many people.

Funeral services will be held 2:00 p.m. Friday at the Hatcher & Saddler Funeral Home with cremation to follow. Visitation will be after 2:00 p.m. Thursday at the funeral home.

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14 Entries for Derek Adam Byrd

  1. Jen Jones says:


    I am so very sorry for the loss you and your family are experiencing. Throughout the many years of our friendship, I was only fortunate enough to meet Derek a handful of times. However, in those few meetings I can understand why he was so loved. He was very talented and I loved looking at his artwork. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Deepest condolences,
    Jen Jones

  2. Pam says:

    I’m so sorry for you loss. I will have Derek’s family & friends in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Heather Pruitt-Wheeler says:

    I just want to say i am so sorry for your loss i didnt know Derek that well but had talked to him a few times on facebook and in e-mails.. The very first time i ever talk to him was when my brother(Sean Pruitt) passed away oct 09 he told me how sorry he was to hear about Sean and that he remembers him from school. It brakes my heart to know that i will never get a nother e-mail or note just sayin hello from him. If there is any thing i can do for you guys please let me know

  4. Nick Grace says:

    I wish I had the words to express my feelings right now. I worked with Derek for two years at WBKO. We had a lot of great times working AM KY. I will always carry very fond memories of our time there.

  5. connie shamblin says:

    Teddy and Kacie sorry for the loss of Derek You both will be in our prayers for a long time. Sorry that i could not be there for you two. Derek was a very sweet person everytime i talked to him he always made me happy to talk to him. He will alwys have special place in my heart for him.

  6. Melissa Green says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I didn’t know him but He will be missed by many people. Will be praying for you and your family threw this hard time. It will get better with time…He’s looking down on you and Trenton…If there is anything I can do please give me a girl..Love ya Kacie….

  7. Joe Vance says:

    Derek and I had a bond from the first moment he started at ESPN. My entire extended family is from Kentucky so we shared some common interests from the bluegrass state. Derek had that steady demeanor where not much upset him. I could bounce ideas off Derek and know he would bring a fresh perspective. He was there to give me a ride when I needed one, counsel and advice or just to listen. He was a dear friend and will be missed. I’ll miss him saying “Jesus Joe” at my humor. His influence on my life will live on. Thanks for making my life better Byrd. My deepest condolence to your family.

    Joe Vance – Bristol, CT and ESPN

  8. Jamie and Lisa Enfinger says:

    Uncle Bobby, Aunt Ann, & Kacie,
    So sorry we couldn’t be there, but please know that our hearts are with you all today. I keep thinking about when we were little and the last time I seen him. Which has been too long ago. And how we had talked about last summer coming home the same time so we could visit the family together, but it didn’t work that way. So we were gonna shoot for this summer. Now he is an Angel watching over all of us. God needed a special Angel in Heaven with him. He’s got one of the best now. Derek, I know you are my cousin but you were more like a brother….. I will always love you Bro, you will always and forever be in my heart. <3

  9. Melissa Young says:

    Kacie I’m so sorry for your loss..You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. R.I.P Derek

  10. Kacie says:

    Derek, You were my brother. My bestfriend. My protector. The reason I smiled on rainy days. With every phone call, every text I felt happier than ever. You had an ear that fixed everything when you didnt have the words to do it. You inspired me to be the best person I can be. One of the last messages I recieved from you, you told me that you knew you had told me before but you think I am beautiful and that you mean it different this time. That you had been looking at all of my pictures and said I looked happier than you had every seen me and that my face just glowed like you imagined an angel would. I dont know how me, Trenton, Mom, and Dad are going to be able to make it through this unfair world without you. We talked so much about how all the great artist were never famous until after the were gone. And how the best muscians were always taken so young and how amazing their work would be today if they were still here. You are a part of them now. You will meet Van Gogh, Dahli, and Jimi. You were one of the best and you are in a place where now you have the biggest canvas ever. The world. The sky. When the sun sets now, I now know it is no longer a beautiful wonder of the world, but you painting the skies so brilliantly as you did everything. I miss you so much Derek. There are no words that can describe the hurt and void I now have in my heart. I love you and I promise you that you will never for a moment be forgotten, and you will live always in my heart. I love you Derek.

  11. Ranses Rodriguez says:

    I’m deeply sorry that I was not able to come to the funeral of my dear friend. Derek and I became very good friends when his dad passed away. My mom died a week later after his father, so we became each-other’s comfort. As many of his friends described him: “He hated and loved life at the same time.” Many described him as a “complex character”, but the Derek I knew was so much more. He had a heart of gold, an amazing talent, a curious sense and the best sense of humor I’ve seen in any person. I will miss our laughters, our tears, your words on comfort and your irreplaceable company. May God hold you in his kingdom forever and use you to paint the clouds and heavens. I love you my friend… my brother. And don’t worry brother, the Steelers are still strong… they’ll make it again for you.

  12. Dereka Martin Rigney says:

    I am at loss of word to describe how I am feeling at this time. Derek and I went to school together for years. He was such a great guy and very special. My deepest condolences go out for your family. Kacie my heart hurts just as if it were my own brother. I can’t imagine how you , your family and ALL his dearest friends are feeling right now…. I am so sorry , He is an angel now. He is always going to be looking out for you and his nephew!!! Stay strong and with time it will get better. As for now, I know it isn’t easy at all!! Just want you to know I would be there today and it is killing me inside not being able too. Much love to you!!! Derek, you are loved so much from so many many people. Even though we didn’t want you to leave, we know He wanted you there… I love you as a great friend!!

  13. Amy Carron Cardwell says:

    Derek and I went to school together and I was saddened to hear of his passing. My thoughts and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.

  14. Payton says:

    Family; I’m am deeply sorry for what has happened to Derek. I pray that God will help you with your grief. I wish this could be easier for you all. My thoughts&prayers are with the family and close dear friend.
    Rest In Peace Derek.